Girltux with Faux Fur Collar

Girltux with Faux Fur Collar

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The Girltux is pleated shorter in the front and the back sweeps longer for a beautiful proportion for us girls. The collar is a Belgian faux fur fabric. The waist has snaps inside on both sides to fit many varied waist sizes. The Girltux is meant to look fitted through the waist and has an A-Line appeal to feature a smaller looking waist. The Girltux Jacket has snaps that expand and decrease the waist size. You can wear the Girltux as a dress or a jacket.  This Dress/Jacket has a Doleman Sleeve.

Japanese Silk Plaid

Dry clean or handwash in sink and line dry.

Since each garment is made to order, please allow 2 weeks from purchase for item to be shipped.

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                  Bust          Waist                Hips              Sleeve Length     Body Length

X-Small    39             29-34               40-44           22.5                      22.5-40       

Small       42             33-37                43-47            23                         23-40-.5

Medium   45             36-40               46-50           23.5                       23.5-4

Large       48             39-43               49-53            24                         24-44

X-Large    51             42-46                52-56            24.5                      24.5-44.4